Passive house wooden/alu cladding windows

The passive house window is not really a window type. The term passive house window relates to the thermal insulation characteristics of the window. A passive house standard window features a particularly high thermal insulation value. The heat transfer coefficient Uw has to comply with the European standard and be less than or equal to 0.8 W/m2K. Every window with an Uw-value less than or equal to 0.8 W/m2K is therefore a passive house window and suitable for installation in passive houses and is eligible for support through corresponding programs.
Passive house windows are not restricted to installation in passive houses only. Windows complying with the passive house standard can be used in refurbishment projects for older buildings as well as in any new building. Passive house windows enhance living comfort and help reduce heating costs substantially!

The advantages of passive house windows at a glance:

  • High level of cosiness – no “pockets of cold air” developing in the proximity of the window.
  • No temperature swings caused by different temperature layers in the proximity of the window.
  • The inside surface temperature of a passive house window does not drop below 17 degrees centigrade, even in winter.
  • As a result of the very good insulating properties it is no longer essential to install heating elements near the window area. This allows for additional freedom when designing and furnishing your home.
  • The extra costs for a passive house are minimal nowadays and amortization is realized quickly due to the high level of energy efficiency.