REHAU GENEO® – The New Dimension in Energy Efficient Window Systems

The GENEO® window system is manufactured using the high-tech RAU-FIPRO®material resulting in windows with a reduction in energy losses of up to 76%*.

*Reduction in the energy loss from windows when replacing old wooden/plastic windows from the 80s (Uf= 1.9, Ug= 3.0) with windows made from GENEO®profiles (Uf= 0.91, Ug= 0.5, window size
123 x 148 cm)


In terms of energy efficiency, GENEO® is the best window profile currently available on the market in the UK with an 86mm profile depth. Consequently, with GENEO® profiles it is possible to achieve the most energy efficient window products of their class which are Passivhaus certified, creating an unsurpassed comfortable environment.

RAU-FIPRO®, the innovative material formulation created by REHAU results in window profiles with high stability, torsional stiffness and static properties, which were previously not possible without the addition of steel reinforcements. RAU-FIPRO® has been developed based on fibre composites used in aircraft construction and Formula 1 vehicles bringing high end technology to the window manufacturing industry.


  • Profile depth: 86mm / Centre seal
  • Number of chambers: 6
  • Thermal insulation: Uf = up to 0.85 W/m²K
  • Energy saving: up to 76%*
    *Reduction in the energy loss from windows when replacing old wooden/plastic windows from the 80s (Uf= 1.9, Ug= 3.0) with windows made from GENEO® profiles (Uf= 0.91, Ug= 0.5, window size123 x 148 cm)
  • Material: RAU-FIPRO® fibre composite material, coextruded outer layer all the way around made from high quality RAU-PVC for the best surface quality
  • Sound insulation: up to SSK 5 without steel reinforcement, RwP = 47 dB with glazing Rw = 50 dB
  • Burglary resistance: up to resistance class 3, up to resistance class 2 without steel
  • Air permeability: 4 (DIN EN 12207)
  • Protection from driving rain: 9A (DIN EN 12208)


  • Many architectural possibilities using individual shapes, e.g. round and triangular windows and also chamfering and Georgian bar techniques
  • Extensive range of design options using colouring with decorative foils as well as lacquering
  • Light grey gaskets with white profiles and black gaskets with coloured profiles create highlights
  • 20° chamfering and 5mm external radii for an elegant look


  • Fully self-reinforced window system without additional steel reinforcement
  • Excellent stability due to a high quality material, perfect profile design and an integrated self reinforcement system (IVS)
  • When fabricated with appropriate glass, windows made from GENEO® are Passivhaus certified
  • Sightline of 115 mm to let maximum light in
  • Efficient storage and production due to full self reinforcement
  • Easier handling and assembly due to up to 40 % weight advantage compared to conventional window profile systems
  • Functional chambers to optimise the insulating properties with thermomodules
  • Large rebate depth of 66 mm to hold triple glazing
  • Reduced closing pressure and therefore noticeably easier opening and closing due to the newly developed gasket geometry
  • High definition finished-surface: extremely high quality, exceptionally smooth and therefore particularly easy to maintain
  • Environmentally friendly, as it’s recyclable