Sapa Window 1086 – inward opening high insulated


Sapa Window 1086 – inward opening high insulated

This window is our best window. It meets the highest performance levels for air and rain tightness and offers very low U-values, down to 0.88 W/m2K for open able windows. Our aluminium window has good durability, low maintenance and long life. The windows in the Thermo 86 system can be designed as fixed, inward open able or bottom-side hung. Concealed hinges are also available. Fixed windows and glazed partitions are titled 3086.


Unprotected glazed surfaces that can be reached by persons shall be designed so as to limit the risk of injury. Such glazed surfaces shall be dimensioned so as to withstand the dynamic influence of a person. Applicable standards and requirements should be taken into account.

Glass thickness 20-64 mm

Window location in structure

For the entire window structure to meet the energy saving requirements and ensure good comfort it is necessary to install the window in the warm part of the wall. This means that it should be installed as deep into the wall as possible, which has a number of advantages.

It creates good conditions for appropriate fixing and a well functioning joint. The risk of condensation is reduced due to a higher surface temperature. The joint between the frame profile and the wall shall be made with two step sealing. This means that it should consist of an outer rain barrier with an underlying air channel, a mineral wool insulation layer and an inner diffusion sealing joint.

Fixing principles

Windows must be fixed to a stable and suitable wall structure. The choice of fixing method depends on the wall type. The number and location of fixing points depends on the size of the window.

Window dimensions

Frame outside dimensions for inward opening windows (.pdf)