Sapa Sliding Door 2115


Sapa Sliding Door 2115

Sapa 2115 is a simpler and lighter sliding door. It’s suitable for patios and conservatories where the demands are not as high as in sections of outer walls. The sliding door is made of insulated aluminum profiles with a frame depth 78.7 mm (Single wing sliding doors) and 141.8< mm ( single-wing telescopic ) . Leaf Depth 32.8 mm alt. 36.8 mm. The insulation is 30 mm wide glass fiber reinforced polyamide strips. The door leaf runs quietly with stainless steel wheels on stainless steel rails.

  • Versions. Two or four sliding leaves in two-track frame alt. three sliding leaves in three-track frame.
  • Door leaf dimensions. Max height 2,4 m. Max width 1,4 m.
  • Door leaf weight. Max 160 kg
  • Fitting. Inside or in- and outside.


Unprotected glazed surfaces which are so located that they can be reached by persons shall be designed so as to limit the risk of injury. Such glazed surfaces shall be dimensioned so as to withstand the dynamic influence of a person. Applicable standards and requirements should be taken into account.

Locations in wall

For the entire structure to meet the energy saving requirements and ensure good comfort it is necessary to install the sliding terrace door in the warm part of the wall. This means that it should be installed as deep into the wall as possible, which has a number of advantages.

It creates good conditions for appropriate fixing and a well functioning joint. The risk of condensation is reduced due to a higher surface temperature. The joint between the frame profile and the wall shall be made with two step sealing. This means that it should consist of an outer rain barrier with an underlying air channel, a mineral wool insulation layer and an inner diffusion sealing joint.

Elevations and details

Select door function

Then select the elevation to see the detail sections in a new window.

Detailed sections can then be enlarged (will show profile number and size) or downloaded as a dwg or dxf. At the downloaded parts is a frozen layer “Sapa_Light” showing only the outlines.

Frame outside dimensions for sliding door(.pdf)