Sapa Lift and Slide Door 2160


Sapa Lift and Slide Door 2160

The Lift-Slide door allows for big openings in conservatories and restaurants etc. Lift-and-Slide Door 2160 is made of insulated aluminum profiles with a frame depth of160 mm and a door leaf  depth of 70 mm. The insulation consists of 40 mm wide glass fibre reinforced polyamide strips. The lift-and-slide door has lift-slide fittings for user-friendly handling. The door leaf is easily slid aside and seals all around as the door leaf is lowered a few millimeters in closed position.

  • Versions. Single- or double-wing sliding doors
  • Door leaf dimensions. Max height 2,4 m. Max width 3,2 m
  • Door leaf weight. Max 300 kg
  • Lockable fittings. Inside or in- and outside.


Unprotected glazed surfaces which are so located that they can be reached by persons shall be designed so as to limit the risk of injury. Such glazed surfaces shall be dimensioned so as to withstand the dynamic influence of a person. Applicable standards and requirements should be taken into account.
Glass thickness 20-51 mm

Fitting functions

Lift sliding door 2160 can be performed as one fixed and one sliding door leaf, alternatively with two sliding door leaf. For opening the handle is turned 180° downwards, whereby the door is lifted a few millimeters and can easily be slid aside. When closing the door leaf goes down again and the rubber sealing tightens all around. The door leafs run silently on nylon rollers on a stainless rail and can be parked (lowered) at any position.

Each sliding door leaf is equipped with  espagnolette with four anchor points. Handles of aluminium and cylinder locks can be mounted on the inside and outside or inside only.

Fixing principles

Lift-sliding doors must be fixed to a stable and suitable wall structure. The choice of fixing method depends on the wall type. The number and location of fixing points depends on the size of the door.

Dimensions (Max-Min sizes)

Frame outside dimensions for lift-sliding door(.pdf)