Sapa Roof Glazing 5050


Sapa Roof Glazing 5050

Sapa 5050 roof glazing system consists of 50 mm wide insulated aluminium profiles. The system has a longitudinal insulating strip which provides good insulation and support for the glass holders. The horizontal, vertical and dividing profiles come in different depths. Rebate for single glass or for double and triple glazing units.

The 5050 system makes it possible to give the roof virtually any form. Glazed roofs can have large spans without compromising the static stability.

Sapa 5050 roof glazing is also available in an uninsulated version with a single glass rebate.

  • Insulated or uninsulated profiles.
  • Profile width. 50 mm
  • Profile depth. Vertical: 60-180 mm, horizontal: 25-138 mm
  • External glass holders. 7 mm for stability and good water runoff
  • Vertical dividing profiles. Width 50 mm
  • Roof lights for comfort ventilation and smoke evacuation.
  • Inclination. Recommended at least 15°


Glazed roofs shall be designed to prevent accidents resulting from fall or stepping through. Normally, toughened glass is used as the outside layer and laminated glass as the inside layer. Applicable standards and requirements should be taken into account.


  • 44-51 mm tripple glazing units
  • 24-35 mm double glazing units
  • 6-11 mm single glazing


Rough calculation of glazed roofs. See tables below in PDF format.

Available profiles

Ventilation roof lights

For ventilation roof lights are combined with smoke evacuation function. For the best results, the roof lights should be located as high as possible in the glazed roof. The number of opening units is calculated for both comfort and smoke ventilation. For adjustment, the roof lights should be equipped with automatic devices and motorised drive.