Sapa Door 2060 E30, EI15, A30, EI30 fire rating


Sapa Door 2060 E30, EI15, A30, EI30 fire rating

Glazed doors based on uninsulated aluminium profiles with a profile depth of 60 mm. Fire rated elements shall be made using fire rated glass or infill panels approved for the building system.

The doors have door leaf profiles suitable for narrow section locks and maximum door leaf dimensions of 1285 x 2240 mm. For double-leaf doors the maximum outside width of the door leafs is 2100 mm.

Thresholds are available in various versions, the doors can also be installed without a threshold with a 10 mm gap under the bottom edge. The doors can be designed with anti-finger trap.

Doors with a horizontal cross-bar meet the requirements for separating elements in fire rating classes E30, EI15 and A30. If a safety distance of 1 m is ensured, doors with a cross-bar meet class EI30 requirements.
Doors without a cross-bar meet the requirements for fire separation class EI30.

Type approval certificate no. 1199/94