Sapa Facade 5050 SG – System Glazing


Sapa Facade 5050 SG –  System Glazing

The 5050 SG System Glazing facade system consists of 50 mm wide insulated aluminium profiles. The external glass holders are only 32 mm wide, while the internal framework profiles are 50 mm wide. The external glass holders are best installed with countersunk screws, which can be hidden with covers. Rebate for double and tripple glazing units with standard sealing.

The profiles are designed so as to ensure stability under the dimensioning loads. The system can be easily complemented with opening units. The U value of a facade must be reported for the entire facade, see the right hand menu.

  • Well-insulated profiles
  • Framework profiles Rectangular, profile depth 60-180 mm
  • Opening windows with hidden sash
  • Doors Hinge type and sliding doors can be easily connected
  • Classified According to applicable EN standards


Unprotected glazed surfaces, which are located so that persons can reach them and shall be designed to limit the risk of injury. Such glazed surfaces shall be dimensioned so as to withstand the dynamic influence of a person. Applicable standards and requirements should be taken into account.
Glass thickness 26-41 mm (double glazing units) or 46-51 mm (tripple glazing units).


Rough calculation of facade profiles. See tables below in PDF format.


Available profiles